Mash V2.5
Mash V2.5
Mash V2.5
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Mash V2.5

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The Mash is back, and better than ever. This time we're offering different materials, and a pop of color with a pivot collar. We have 3 versions:
  • Weave carbon fiber with blue accents and a belt satin blade
  • Bronzed titanium with black accents and a blackwashed blade
  • Flamed titanium with satin accents and a belt satin blade

A 4th version will be an exclusive through Blacked out with teal accents. It's a looker, make sure to check it out. 

The blade steel has been changed to 154CM for this run, still rocking a great hollow grind for amazing slicing. 

Blade Length: 3.3in / 83.82mm
Handle Length: 4.3in / 109.22mm
Blade Thickness: .12in / 3mm 
Weight: 2.5oz (CF) / 3.6oz (Titanium)
Blade Steel: 154CM
Blade Shape: Modified Sheepsfoot
Manual Opening

Manufacturing Partner: Kubey Knives - China